Learning Through Play

September 2012 saw the introduction of the new EYFS FRAMEWORK and through our planning your children are continually given opportunities to experience aspects of the new framework.

OFSTED suggests that uninterrupted play is the best way for children to learn, with the opportunity to freely access the outdoors - this is what we aim to achieve at Chewton Common Playgroup, as our weekly timetable shows:

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Long term plan
Our long term plan is the new framework based on 30-50 months. We offer activities in which your children can have opportunities to experience and achieve the new EYFS statements.

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Picture of chick, butterfly and caterpillar
Week 1-April 24th
This week we are expecting the arrival of our caterpillars to hatch, so our activities will be based around The Hungry Caterpillar.
We will be reading the story and retelling the story with props.
We will be sequencing and following a pattern
We will be setting up a greengrocers for role play, using real fruit and veg and real money.
Week 2-May 1st
Our eggs to hatch will be arriving on Tuesday, so a lot of our language extension and conversation will be based around the life cycle of a chick.
We will be bug hunting in the garden, matching 2D and 3D objects.
We will be looking at some phonic activities.
Week 3- May 8th
We will still have our eggs and hopefully chicks. We will be building pens for the chicks out of bricks which will involve problem solving.
We will be doing observational paintings of the chicks.
We will be showing care and concern for living things by feeding and cleaning the chicks.
We will be going for a walk in the wooded area.
Week 4 -15th May
We will be looking at money. Using money, making purses, posting money.
This is great for extending maths skills.
We will also be building our palette garden for Wisley.
Week 5 – 22nd May
We will be finishing off our garden.
Building robots out of box craft.
We will be tidying our garden outside
As well as all of this we will be practicing our physical skills, enhancing our social skills building on our communication and language skills. Improving our understanding of the world around us, looking at extending our maths skills and giving lots of opportunities to express ourselves through art and music.

If you have any questions or wish to help us in any way, please let me know.

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