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Snack Time

September 2017

Due to the new intake of children snack this half term will be easy to prepare and easy to eat. We will concentrate on table manners - please and thank you. Waiting their turn and washing up their own plates and cups.

We will also be introducing a cereal buffet alongside the main snack on some of these weeks.

Week 1
Crackers with butter cheese and apple

Week 2
Tortilla crisps and carrot and satsumas

Week 3
Rice cakes raisins and banana

Week 4
Breadsticks, cucumber and humous

Week 5
Cereal and milk

Week 6
Bread and butter, lemon curd, marmite, cucumber and apple

Week 7
Ice cream cones with a fruit salad - fresh and tinned

Why not take a paper plate and see if your child can turn it into a chicken?

Please bring it in to show us.

A chicken made out of a paper plate A chicken made out of a paper plate A chicken made out of a paper plate A chicken made out of a paper plate

Childcare Funding Information

To read the information from Dorset County Council please click the images below to download. Click the Dorset4You logo (left) for information about Childcare Funding and if you would like to register with Sure Start Dorset download the form (right) and return to Helen.

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WOW cheques

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Order your uniform here

Uniform at Chewton Common Playgroup is optional, however children do get very mucky and when we go out a uniform is a great way of being recognised!

To find out more, visit the Schoolwear For Less web site and read more details by clicking the letter opposite.

Muddy child Muddy child

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