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We're celebrating World Book Day with lots of different activities. Hopefully you can join in with some of the activities. Week beginning 26th February.

We will be holding a book swap – please bring in your children's old books and swap them for something you have not yet read.

We would like to have parents/grandparents in to read to the children. Can you spare an hour or a whole session to come in and read to the children? Please sign up on the sheet in the entrance hall.

Playgroup Closed 1 March due to snow
BooksTHURSDAY is world book day – we would like the children to dress up as a character from a Julia Donaldson book. You could be a Gruffalo, a stick man, a ladybird, a witch, a fish, a snail – to name just a few. If you need some help - just ask.

Lastly don’t forget to use our new book area before and after the sessions.

ChickDear Parents

We will be hatching chicks again this year. This is an amazing opportunity for children to see up close the wonder of nature, but it does come at a price.

The programme cost £300 - this includes incubator, temporary home for chicks, 12 eggs with a guarantee that at least 8 will hatch, food, a 24-hour helpline and the opportunity to re-home the chicks if we can’t find a home for them.

If every family donated £5 we would cover the cost. Can you help us?

We will put a collecting box in the entrance hall for your donations.

ChickPlease feel free to be part of this amazing experience, come in with your child and have a look, follow us on Facebook and hopefully watch our webcam.

Thank you in advance for your support.

The eggs will arrive on the 4th June - so lots of time to start saving.

Snack Time

February - Easter 2018

The theme for this half term is CHANGE

Week 1
CHINESE SNACK – Rice, sweet and sour sauce, prawn crackers and fortune cookies.

Week 2
Pop corn and milk shakes- the children will make their own milkshakes.

Week 3
Strawberry and banana smoothies- the children will make their own smoothies

Week 4
Jelly and fruit – the children will make the jelly

Week 5
Scrambled eggs with marmite on toast

Week 6
Hot cross buns and fruit.

Dates for your diary

February 2018

28thMusic with Twinkle Toes

March 2018

2ndMusic with Fran
13thChurch pm for stories and songs
21stMusic with Fran
23rdMusic with Twinkle Toes
26th am and pm library visit
29thLAST DAY and EASTER PARTY 9.30-11.30 no pm session (details to follow).

April 2018

16thPlaygroup restarts

Why not take a paper plate and see if your child can turn it into a chicken?

Please bring it in to show us.

A chicken made out of a paper plate A chicken made out of a paper plate A chicken made out of a paper plate A chicken made out of a paper plate

Childcare Funding Information

To read the information from Dorset County Council please click the images below to download. Click the Dorset4You logo (left) for information about Childcare Funding and if you would like to register with Sure Start Dorset download the form (right) and return to Helen.

Dorset For You Sure Start Dorset

WOW cheques

If you run out of WOW cheques, download some more here.

Order your uniform here

Uniform at Chewton Common Playgroup is optional, however children do get very mucky and when we go out a uniform is a great way of being recognised!

To find out more, visit the Schoolwear For Less web site and read more details by clicking the letter opposite.

Muddy child Muddy child

For older activities, please also see our archive page.

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