Learning Through Play is Child's Play

September 2012 saw the introduction of the new EYFS FRAMEWORK and through our planning your children are continually given opportunities to experience aspects of the new framework.

OFSTED suggests that uninterrupted play is the best way for children to learn, with the opportunity to freely access the outdoors - this is what we aim to achieve at Chewton Common Playgroup, as our weekly timetable shows:

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Long term plan
Our long term plan is the new framework based on 30-50 months. We offer activities in which your children can have opportunities to experience and achieve the new EYFS statements.

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Planning March 2019


As you may be aware last term we were working with the idea of planning in the moment.

This is a process that has been championed by Dorset and we have attended training and a conference, but we are still learning and still tweaking how we can make it work in our setting.

The idea is that we do not plan anything and we take the lead from the children, this creates a more stimulating learning environment and leads to the children being more engaged.

We can see that in many cases this would work, but it is important that children are moved on and experience other challenges and therefore we have decided that we will continue to have a very loose theme to give a little bit of focus.

Therefore we will be looking at the book OLIVER'S VEGETABLES, but this will just be a very small part of the children's learning as we will also be celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY, PANCAKE DAY, MOTHERING SUNDAY and of course EASTER.

We will ensure that through play the children will cover all area of learning and most of all they will have fun, because without enjoyment the children will struggle to learn.

If you have any questions about planning in the moment please do not hesitate to ask.

We would also like your views on what we offer your children and if we could enhance your childs experience with us in any way.