Learning Through Play

September 2012 saw the introduction of the new EYFS FRAMEWORK and through our planning your children are continually given opportunities to experience aspects of the new framework.

OFSTED suggests that uninterrupted play is the best way for children to learn, with the opportunity to freely access the outdoors - this is what we aim to achieve at Chewton Common Playgroup, as our weekly timetable shows:

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Long term plan
Our long term plan is the new framework based on 30-50 months. We offer activities in which your children can have opportunities to experience and achieve the new EYFS statements.

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Planning Autumn Term 2018

We are very aware that in this term some children might need a little extra support. We have new children that may have never been away from their parents before and we have our older children who have had nearly 2 months away. Therefore our planning reflects this.

Our activities will be very child directed and child lead.

We will offer basic materials and we will see what the children do with these resources. The adults will be there to support and guide, but we will not direct the children, this allows the staff to move around the whole setting getting to know all the children.

Our very loose theme will be nursery rhymes, we will learn them, sing them, change the words to them and do some activities based around the rhymes.

We will encourage all children to develop their social skills, their communication skills and their physical skills through playing and exploring.

For the new children we will be allocating keyworkers- this will take a few weeks as we will want the children to get to know all the staff first. If you have any concerns or questions please talk to myself or any other member of staff.

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