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School Trends

A message from School Trends

"Globally our supply chains have experienced a range of issues starting with complete factory closures due to COVID outbreaks, followed by reduced manufacturing capacity and now delays on deliveries due to port closures or reduced shipping options. We would like to reassure you that we now have a fully confirmed schedule for our sea and air freight, and we are now working to get these orders dispatched as soon as possible.

On top of this, protective COVID-19 measures mean stocks must be quarantined for 72 hours at all stopping points from customs to delivery into our warehouses. Each of these quarantine points does, unfortunately, result in significant delays to stock arriving in the UK.

Although we have been working 24/7 to catch up, the maximum number of people we can have working at any one time has been impacted by the social distancing rules and we are prioritising the health and safety of our team to make sure that we can continue to provide uniforms for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, because of the above issues some parents may be experiencing delays to their order. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, and I would like to politely ask for your patience whilst we work through these orders as fast as we can."


Uniform at Chewton Common Playgroup is optional, however children do get very mucky and when we go out a uniform is a great way of being recognised!

To find out more, visit the Schoolwear For Less web site and read more details by clicking the letter opposite.

Muddy child Muddy child

Snacktime June/July 2021


We will be looking at different types of bread

Week 1

French bread cheese

Week 2

Tortilla wraps with salsa

Week 3

Selection of brioche with banana and milkshake

Week 4

Breadsticks, Carrot sticks, Celery, Cream cheese

Week 5

Naan breads, Curry sauce/mango, Chutney, Sultanas/grapes

Week 6

Pittas bread, Olives, Meat, humous

Week 7

Malt loaf, apples


At the present time it is recommended by the Government that we do not have visitors into the setting. We have therefore taken the decision for this half term not to book any outside organisations.

We will also not be able to use the school hall this term for large apparatus, but this will be in constant review.

We have planned our first socially distanced outing with a small group of children this half term. If it works and guidelines don't change we will try a few more in the New Year

I would like to stress that this is NOT good practice and I do not like working within these restrictions, but safety of our children, parents and staff has to be at the forefront of all our planning.

WOW cheques

If you run out of WOW cheques, download some more here.

Extra curricula

Picture of St Mark's Church


The second Tuesday in every month we walk to the church, have a story and songs a drink and a biscuit. We do need parents to help us in order to maintain our ratio of 1:2 when out in the community. We leave playgroup at 1.30pm and the children are usually picked up from the church at 2.45pm.

Picture of pre-school gymnastics

Pre-School Gymnastics

Wednesday 3.20pm-4.00pm Large School Hall
Helps develop concentration, coordination, balance and pre gym skills. Each class takes 12 children. Parents need to stay and help their children. £3 per session.

Twinkle Toes Music

Baby Ballet

Twinkle Toes Music. Happens regularly

Twinkle Toes Music

Barton Lodge Care Home

We visit on a half termly basis

Award winning Baby Ballet

Baby Ballet

This is half termly on a Thursday morning

Rights Respecting

As part of our award and as an example of good practice it is suggested that with the help of children and staff we draw up a charter consisting of rights and responsibilities that we can use within our setting and that carry through into everyday life.

We decided that it was important that it was child friendly and in a language that the children could understand and share with others.

This week we have been working towards our charter and we feel it important to share with you as parents.

Please read it to your children and encourage them to colour it in and sign it. When you return it we will make a book of our


and have it as part of our wall display.

Click the image shown to download the Playgroup Promise to colour in. More details of the charter can be downloaded by clicking the image.