Rights Respecting Award

As part of our award and as an example of good practice it is suggested that with the help of children and staff we draw up a charter consisting of rights and responsibilities that we can use within our setting and that carry through into everyday life.

We decided that it was important that it was child friendly and in a language that the children could understand and share with others.

This week we have been working towards our charter and we feel it important to share with you as parents.

Please read it to your children and encourage them to colour it in and sign it. When you return it we will make a book of our


and have it as part of our wall display.

Click the image shown to download the Playgroup Promise to colour in. More details of the charter can be downloaded by clicking the image below:

Map of Kenya

We have been lucky enough to be chosen by Dorset to be involved in a project to link us with a pre-school in Kenya.

The idea is for the children to become aware of the wider world to re-inforce the rights of a child and to encourage a greater understanding of other countries.

The children had a cuddly toy which they took round the setting telling him what they liked doing at playgroup, we took photos of this and made a book. We have now boxed Chewton the Lion up with his book and passport and sent him to Kenya.

The pre-school in Kenya will show Chewton the Lion around their setting and do the same as us, he will then be sent back to us and we will be able to make comparisons between two lifestyles, the same, but different.

If you click on the link below you will be able to see Chewton the Lion being shown round our setting by the children.

Visit the Kenya Blog

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