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I'm so very pleased and grateful to the hard-working staff at Chewton Common Playgroup. They have made an incredible difference to my sons social, emotional and physical learning. My son is being assessed for Autism and this comes with many challenges, particularly at home, but my sons highlight of the week is his time at this playgroup. He is able to paint, play and explore his sensory needs from the large outside play area and the sensory shed.

I feel that he and I are both very supported from the team and they have helped no end to get him extra support for his additional needs.


We chose Chewton Common Playgroup/preschool for our eldest son (who is now yr4) and were very impressed by the setting, the outdoor space, all the activities that were on offer. We liked the fact it was 'child led' and my eldest always enjoyed it and looked forward to going. It is also a great opportunity to meet friends that will be going on to the primary school. Helen runs everything really well and parents are kept up to date with what is going on and meetings with keyworkers. Out youngest son (age3) currently attends Chewton Common. He runs up the path and is always happy to go in. The staff are friendly and caring and there are more and more activities available for children to play with. We love it! Such a good start to their Early Years.

Mr and Mrs S

My daughter has some social and learning difficulties and she has made such great progress here.

Helen and her team at Chewton common playgroup are absolutely fantastic, I cannot speak highly enough of them.


Chewton common playgroup is absolutely fabulous. Having a child with a life threatening condition leaves you nervous to entrust them to other individuals. However, after meting with Helen initially, there was no doubt in our minds that this was right for our child. The setting has adapted where needed for our child, including phasing her into the setting, which was all in her best interests. They have given her opportunities to learn and thrive with all skills, including her gross motor skills. It has enabled her to develop key social skills and become independent in her own rights. The setting is nourishing and allows her to explore inside and outside activities safely. They have been supportive and proactive in helping her to explore food and sensory issues around this. Our child has developed beyond our expectations continuously and we are confident that Chewton Common Playgroup has played a vital role in her learning journey and allowing her some normality within her life.


From the moment I walked into Chewton Common Playgroup, I knew that it was the right setting for my little ones and it has been a wonderful, safe and supportive environment for both my children over the past few years. Helen and her team always go out of their way to offer such a range of nurturing activities; from having baby chicks in the setting, to music and dance, simple essential activities a such as building a sand castle and painting, to growing an orchard for the children to pick fruit and eat their snacks from. My son always looks forward to his sessions and comes home chattering away about his experience. They have handled the pressures of Covid wonderfully and have ensured that the children have been affected by the pandemic as little as possible.


Both of my daughters attend Chewton Common Playgroup and they and I couldn't be happier with their experience.

I viewed a handful of settings … and Chewton Common was by far the best. From the moment I walked in I felt a really there was a warm and friendly feeling from both the staff and the nursery itself. All of the children seemed to be happy and really enjoying themselves which was really reassuring to see.

I feel that Chewton Common has the balance between play and learning exactly right and I love the fact that 'children can be children' and have fun but also learn lots of new things at the same time.

I also love that the children have the freedom to make their own choices with snacks, or to play inside or outside for example. The children learn so much about nature how things grow and I love this as my girls come home and tell me all about it which is so lovelv to hear.

I also feel that a lot of time, thought and effort goes into keeping the various activities fresh and exciting for the children which really helps with sparking their imagination and play.


I couldn't speak more highly of Helen and her team if I tried. My husband and I discovered Chewton common when our son was having a terrible experience at another nursery. I expressed my concerns when visiting and Helen was so reassuring and you could tell that they genuinely care for the children. After we visited we knew this would be the best place for him, and he thrived there. He used to always come home with amazing creations, Visit the local church where he'd plant flowers, visit the local library and one of our core memories is Helen and the ladies taking the children to a care home (pre COVID) to visit the residents and the smiles of their faces were incredible. We had Sharon as his key worker and she always went above and beyond to ensure when he left his confidence was boosted and he was fully ready for school. We were lucky enough that we had another child who now attends Chewton common as well, and again she is thriving. Helen really does think outside the box when it comes to giving the children the best experience possible. Hatching their own chicks, having playgroup pets, growing their own vegetables, entering amazing competitions to showcase the children's masterpieces and visits from local craftsmen each experience is just amazing. We couldn't think of a better playgroup.


Two of my children have attended Chewton Common and have both had great experiences. My once shy child runs in happily without a care in the world as she knows she's about to have a an afternoon full of fun. The playgroup have prepared our children well for school and we love hearing about what they've been up too.


We absolutely love Chewton Common Playgroup. Helen and her team are always enthusiastic and interested in getting to know each child (and their families!). We are particularly impressed with the ever changing activities and opportunities to develop skills and a sense of confidence. I love the way these are seamlessly woven into the day, for example, using different methods such as mark making or placing a peg to choose a flavour of jelly for the week's snack. Helen also ensures the children feel valued as part of the wider community; for example, visiting the local library and helping with activities at church has fostered a wonderful sense of independence and self worth from 'making a difference' in our children. Chewton Common Playgroup is a fabulous setting that encourages respect for oneself and others. A perfect springboard to start school feeling happy, confident and capable. Thank you Chewton Common!

Mrs H

My daughter is currently at Chewton Common Playgroup, and my son also attended before moving to the primary school. The staff at Chewton Common Playgroup are fantastic! They are kind, caring and welcoming and build great relationships with the children. I have felt with both of my children that staff really know them and what makes them tick, and they support them in their development.

There is such a variety of activities and things going on for the children to engage in at playgroup. Each session my daughter comes home happily chatting about what she has been up to and she's always had fun! There are also lots of opportunities arranged outside of playgroup including visits to the library, the local church, and care homes(with my eldest pre covid) and other local community events/competitions.

Playgroup was very supportive and flexible during the settling in period to find the best way for my daughter to settle in (Covid pandemic meant she had been at home and with family and was not used to another setting) When my son moved up to the primary school the transition was brilliant. He was well prepared and settled into school quickly as a result.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work at the playgroup. [She] comes out after every session full of excitement about what she has been doing. It seems as though you do so many activities with the children. [She] has loved having the chicks and being able to hold them. She also loves planting things, the daffodils that she planted before Christmas still have pride of place in our lounge and she is so proud of them every time someone comments on them.

All the staff have so much time for each child and one of her favourite times is when you all come together for carpet time. It's one of the first things she tells me about when she comes out. Another of her favourite things is the food tasting, she has loved voting on the different jelly flavours and bring post of the decision making. Thank you so much.